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English Medium School Vilambukandam

Wayanad , Kerala

 CARMEL ite Sisters of St. Teresa is an indigenous congregation started in 1887 at Ernakulum by Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima for the education of the Girl Children to place them in respectable position in the Society and to care for the family's well-being. This noble profession of empowering the women to bring them to the main stream of society has caught the fire and it spread to far and wide, in India as well as Abroad. We are proud that many young girls have made the difference in their life, as well as life of the Society. In 2007 CSST Northern Province has reached to Wayand, Pallikunnu to extend its service to the people of the place, especially through family apostolate, Pastoral activities, support the education of the children through various activities such as regular tuition, special coaching classes, orientation classes and motivation programmes etc. There are number schools within the four Panchayats namely, Kaniyambetta, Panamaram, kottathara, Padinjarthara. English Medium School is at Kalpetta, and Manthavady about 32 km distance. This realization has enabled us to have survey of the area and do the needful. The survey shows that socio-economic situation of the people are very low and most of the Christian population are the migrant farmers. "Jesus came to give life, life in abundance". It is impossible without the Socio- economic stability. Today to stand on equal ground education is not enough, but English education is the minimum requirement.


WHY VILBUKANDUM? Vilambukandum is about 20 km from Kalpetta and 18 Km from Mnathavady, is a hilly area surrounded with Agricultural background less facilities for development. It is the least developed area around us, compared to Pallikunnu, Kamblakad, Kottathara etc. The main sources of income of the people are agriculture; they depended on the yearly monsoon for the cultivation. Since it is underdeveloped area, the treading facilities too are very poor. The only way to bring the people of the land to the main stream is to provide them with excellent education. People are very hardworking and sincere, so their children too will do their best to come up in life, this assurance gave confidence for the CSST to launch into a new avenue, to develop the under- develop with a CBSE English Medium School. Meanwhile the People of the area approached us with the request that they need an Erglist Netian school g educate lister dilder their me scen cronerdo so; it could be done by a few only. It was a pressing need of the people. The main population is Migrant Christians, Muslims, ST/SC and the Hindus. To help the people to make their life easier and give expression to what we believe *to give life, life to the fullness" (JnI0:10) the Provincial and team has made the decision to start the CBSE English Medium School at Vilambukandum.